Pepper users are not allowed in buildings as per 1860 to now FDA law. Peppers eaten forms black cloud overhead when indoors and out of doors.

Peppers eaten and cut down tree forests forms a now halogen blinding cloud black cloud over the persons head when indoors and out of doors. Peppers users are not allowed in buildings as per 1860 to now FDA law. 

Pepper faces are not allowed to travel blinding the people in other cars blinded the other peoples cars with the pepper heads overhead black cloud by pepper heads.

Pepper heads blinding the buildings and usa hiways.

Cataracks of the eyes are not cataracks at all but peppers eaten over a period of time. If on peppers since 16 yrs old you should have your eye sight back in one year after off all peppers nor extract of peppers. None peppers.

Presto: Go off all peppers and the eyesight returns no cataracks as the peppers go out of the 90% system water. Now being 90% pepper water gone out of the system after 1 years time. Use at your own risk. 

But now halogen peppers users headlights from cars cannot see thru the halogen clouds USA..

Presto:  Don't eat peppers do not tear down iodine forests and the peppers cloud halogen black cloud goes away.

Presto: Your eye sight returns from the peppers useage halogen caused clouds eye damages. Use at your own risk.