Barney West for President 2024. Promises.


Barney West for President 2024. Promises.
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Barney West for President 2024. Promises.
1 - To insure the original peritons congress words and numbers maintained vigilantly
2 - To never importing foreign skyscrapers with foreign workers placements.
3 - No importing foreign voter placements with matching distant placements.
4 - No importing foreign businesses with foreign or the own foreign workers.

5 - No importing foreign factories with there own foreign workers or they own foreign factory and voter placements. None.
6 - Promises the original peritons congress shall maintain original words and numbers of peritons congress. Peritons congress. None other ever again. Peritons those words aray. Not jumped lines foreign placements with gums  guns and torches attacking invaders. None.
6a - Promises. All Staffers banned. Banned. No temp temp1 temp2 or kelly girl kelly girl 1 kelly girl 2 kelly girl temp. Banned rides any temp. Banned. Banned from the USA newspapers and shoppers none. All staffers tore down and disassembled from usa continent with communications and foreign communications of those staffers banned forever.
7 - Discontinue foreign loans. No more foreign loans ever. Never ever. end of line. Barney West for President. Promise.
8 - Most valueable structure on earth smoke stacks returns today.

No forests burns down.
9 - All original forest and town forest reasons. Returned today.
10 - Rivers and water ways returned all wild forestry today.
11 - Barney West for President promisses. The forest thinner then forest mower guy that sneaked and stold by he s the mover and thinner guy bills. Towns and forests. Shall and will give back all those wild forest properties back to the USA states continous territorials.
12 - No foreign foreign customs uncured unprocessed demented diseased foods in no stores no where usa. Are never sold foreign customs uncured unprocessed demented diseased foods. Never sold in usa peritons congess stores usa. Banned in world transport.
13 - Barney West for President 2024. Promisses. Foreign in no way shall dig out materials or minerials scoop up nor cut down. Foreign banned shall never haul off materials and not fly haul. No way boat off out with minerals or materials. Nor not bother the or pick at the USA entire gulf rivers oceans and seas fish nor wild life usa continent. Foreign nor others bothering nor hauling matreials from no where in america.
14 - Barney West for President. Promisses. Television and radio stations and satellites shall only transmitt original peritons congress ways. Not foreign invader by way of the mixer invader ways. Transmitting in the USA. Banned.
15 - Barney West for President. Promisses. Schools that were attacked by hauled in and dumped on schools here. Not peritions not original peritons. Invaders with guns and torches. Removed from all usa schools. And returnd to there run away places. By the original peritons congress.
16 - No foreign sea ports nor foreign inland sea ports allowed. None.
17 - No Roman Russian nor to African police in america nor running no US goverment office. No brass take over rings. Never. Barney West for President. Promisses. Original continueing first peritions congress and police only. No other imports of takeovers nor voter placement.
18 - Barney West for President. Promisses. No stold $.50 cents a pound off the top. No foreign uncured unprocessed demented there as contaminated by containing the 32 foreign bugs. None foreign customs of foreign foods sold in the USA. None foreign contaminated  foods sold in the USA.
19 - College education grants and college loans banned by the US peritons congress.
20 - Banned. Foreignors to US schools as a word nor education. Foreign banned from the US and US school system. Barney West for President. Promisses.
21 - All border jumpers evicted. Border jumpers banned. Foreign border jumpers banned and returned back to the other place. Barney West for President. Promisses.
22 - Foreignors not allowed in US graineries. Foreignors  contaminated the grains out of those graineries now. Japan to euro to austrailia to euros 7 seas out of the US graineries and now. Barney West for President. Promisses.


Amen and amen.